Associate Members

Guidelines for the Admission of Associate Members to the EuroCham

1. Creation of Associate Membership under the Articles of Association

Clause 3 (c) of the Articles of Association provides that:
Associate Members:

  • are European-Nigerian bilateral chambers;
  • are Associations of European countries’ businesses or investors in Nigeria;
  • are European embassies, Consulates or trade offices in Nigeria;
  • have an advisory role to EBO-Nigeria; and
  • do not have voting rights and do not pay membership fees.

2. Definition of Associate Members

a) Associate Members shall include:

  • European-Nigerian bilateral chambers
  • Associations of European countries’ businesses or investors in Nigeria
  • European embassies, Consulates or trade offices in Nigeria
  • The bilateral chambers, associations, embassies, consulates or trade offices in the following countries in Europe: United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

3. Advisory Role of Associate Members

The Associate shall act in an advisory capacity to the EuroCham with respect to:

  • [Collaborating with the EuroCham on topics and issues that affect the EU companies operating in Nigeria;
  • discussing matters which are common to the EU countries operating in Nigeria;
  • sharing on-going events and plans of the EuroCham with the EU companies in Nigeria;
  • attending Courtesy Visits to strategic regulators and stakeholders with the EuroCham as needed; and
  • growing the EuroCham’s memberships].

4. Representatives of Associate Members

  • Associate Member shall nominate a representative to the EuroCham.
  • One representative per Associate Member and such nominated representative shall serve as the point of contact for the Associate Member.

5. Becoming an Associate Member

  • An application shall be made by the Associate Member to the Executive Secretary.
  • Upon receipt of the application, the Executive Secretary shall present it to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Upon receiving the approval of the Board, the Executive Secretary shall write a welcome letter to the Associate Member.

6. Benefits and entitlements of Membership

  • Invitations to the CEO Roundtable Sessions, Courtesy Visits, EU-Nigeria Business Forum and EuroCham Stakeholder Conference.
  • Invitations to events hosted by the European Union delegation
  • Invitations to join the Working Groups on an advisory capacity and for a specific duration.
  • To adhere to the objectives of the EuroCham.

7. Contribution to the EuroCham

  • Invitations to the EuroCham to meet with their business community (at least twice a year)
  • Support our actions and engage for the EU mapping survey by sharing their contacts
  • Promoting EuroCham (as applicable)

8. Membership Duration

  • 2 (two)-year membership, to be renewed by sending a letter to the Executive Secretary requesting a renewal of membership.
  • The representative of the Associate Member shall attend at least 10 events within the 2-year Tenure in order to be considered for renewal.

9. Cancellation of Membership

  • In accordance with the Articles of Association of the EuroCham:
    • any member may resign his/her membership with 30 days written notice to the Board; and
    • Resigning membership will be effective from the following calendar year.
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